First-Time Discrimination

Today I was blatantly discriminated against by a lady in Wilson, NC (I’m here for work) because I was reading a book called “Beer School” (all about how brooklyn brewery started and lessons learned). This lady did not imbibe and thought it wrong that I was considering starting a liqueur company because “aren’t there enough drunk people? Why do you want to make more alcohol?” I would reason to bet her religious beliefs say alcohol is wrong and she felt the need to completely ignore me when I wished her a good day as I walked away.

I feel a bit sad for her since her world view only allows her to accept what is comfortable and label things that are outside of that as different, immoral, and wrong. Differences are what make us stronger and labeling, judging, and disrespecting me because of my interests is just sad. Why not ask me why I have these interests instead of just immediately writing me off as immoral or wrong.

Alcohol is neutral. It doesn’t pick a side and only harms people who make poor decisions after consuming it. People make choices and they have the right to do that. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it should be outrightly prohibited, hidden, and made a taboo.


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